European Super League threatens to shake ‘great game’

European Super League threatens to shake ‘great game’

According to UEFA, players taking part in a breakout competition will be banned from the World Cup and the EURO

UEFA President Alexander Čeferin reiterated on Monday that all players participating in the proposed separate league will be banned from the World Cup and the European Championships.

The Slovenian did not take part in an extra media briefing following the announcement on Sunday that 12 of Europe’s biggest football clubs would form an escape league.

The 53-year-old thanked European leaders such as British Prime Minister Boris Johnson and French President Emmanuel Macron for dissatisfaction with the planned competition.

  • The Super League is about money, money is ten, I don’t want to call them dirty tens – but UEFA has developed football and to fund what needs to be funded so that our football, our culture, is preserved – and some people don’t understand.

“Solidarity is something that lasts forever. For some people, there is no solidarity. There is no unity. The only thing is their wallet. Ultimately, we believe that these changes and the support structure we have implemented can protect our sports., Let Čeferin come.

On Monday, UEFA voted to approve new plans for an expanded and reorganized Champions League start-up season 2024-25.

The total number of participating teams will increase from 32 to 36, and the traditional group game will turn into a competitive phase.

Football is in a ‘civil war’, but fans can stop the Super League, says Tottenham supporters’ confidence

Football fans can leave the European Super League despite the start of a “civil war” in the sport, a member of the board of Tottenham Hotspur supporters told CNN.

Tottenham was one of six English teams to announce their participation in a new tournament with furious fans and governing bodies.

Martin Buhagiar told CNN’s Becky Anderson that club fans “feel betrayed” about the plan, which was released “without consultation with supporters – probably because they knew this would be the answer.”

  • We have seen these owners as guardians, but now we see them as scammers. Football is in a civil war today. Let us not make a mistake. We have to fight together, he says.
    He urged other fans to put the competition aside and work to end the plans. “We believe football fans will be able to put an end to this together … We want to talk to other support groups. This is a time when competitors can come together and fight together.

“It’s just about greed,” he said of the plans.

Tottenham joined Manchester United, Manchester City, Chelsea, Liverpool and rival Arsenal, who were close to forming the league.

Earlier on Monday, Tottenham said goodbye to manager Jose Mourinho after disappointment.

“R.I.P LFC”: Liverpool fans lead a super league demonstration outside of Anfield

Several Liverpool fans are particularly shocked by the club’s choice to join the Super League.

Fans have always had a strong desire for the club to represent the city of Liverpool, which has had a reasonable share of the financial difficulties.

Ever since John W. Henry’s Fenway Sports Group took over Liverpool, the club has proclaimed the slogan “This means more” as a way to show fans that this is a fan team associated with fans.

For many followers, this idea is now hollow.

Outside of Anfield, Liverpool’s home stadium, fans staged a demonstration against the club. “Shame on you. R.I.P LFC. 1862-2021,” reads the banner. Another reads: “Against LFC fans against the European Super League.”