La Liga strongly condemns the proposed “selfish, selfish” European super competitions

La Liga strongly condemns the proposed “selfish, selfish” European super competitions

La Liga says it “strongly condemns” the recently proposed Super League and calls it “an elite European competition that violates the principles of open competition and merit in sport at the heart of the national and European football pyramid”.

The top 15 super leagues clubs are immune to qualifying, which makes football so competitive around the world.

Under current qualifying and promotion rules based on field performance, every club in the football pyramid can hope to compete against high-end power plants.

“La Liga defends this European football tradition for all,” he added. – The concept of 12 European clubs destroys the dream and closes the door to the top of European football, leaving only a few elites.

La Liga is proud of its 90-year history as an open merit-based competition. Millions of fans around the world follow the 42 clubs La Liga Santander and La Liga SmartBank.

The recently proposed European Premier League is more than a selfish, selfish proposal designed to enrich the already very rich. It undermines the appeal of the whole game and has a profound effect on the immediate and future La Liga. clubs and the whole football ecosystem.

La Liga also warned that this “destruction of the European football ecosystem will ultimately lead to the failure of this new league and the clubs involved.”

Six English teams have helped kill the Premier League goose, warns economic expert

It is likely to have serious consequences for future Premier League TV offers as the six largest clubs join the European Super League, warns the football earning expert.

Nick Harris, who maintains a sports intelligence site, said on Twitter that it is “difficult to measure how significantly” a breach of European football reduces the league’s lucrative TV supply, but that “six have helped their own gold. Kill everyone” He wrote.

He referred to the reduced danger in Premier League matches only with the threat of relegation or the promise of qualifying in a weaker Champions League.

  • How much do TV stations (Champions League) cost without the 15 largest clubs in Europe? A fraction now, ” he added.

American supporters, the Russian oligarch and the sheikh are among the owners of 12 eruption clubs

The 12 clubs, who are planning a break from European football, are led by a group of megarick owners, many of whom have invested in other sports teams around the world.

Three of the six British teams involved are U.S. owners. The Glazer family, which also owns reigning NFL champions Tampa Bay Buccanneers, have led Manchester United since the team was defeated in 2014 by Malcom Glazer, who died in 2014. John W. Henry, Fenway Sports Group founder, MLB owner Boston Red The Sox are at the helm of Liverpool. Stan Kroenke’s holding company is behind Arsenal and several American franchisees – the most lucrative of which are the NFL’s LA Rams and the NBA’s Denver Nuggets.

Chelsea was taken over by Russian oligarch Roman Abramovich in 2003, and his subsequent investment transfer led the club to the top of the British competition. A similar move by UAE Deputy Prime Minister Sheikh Mansour helped Manchester City rise to the Football Association. Tottenham is the only British Premier League team to be involved in the plans; British billionaire Joe Lewis is behind that team.

The Spanish giants Real Madrid and Barcelona follow the model of the president, which is largely unique in European football. Individuals make highly controversial choices, vote for club members, and must provide significant financial support to the club if elected. Building magnate Florentino Perez has been president of Real Madrid since 2009. Joan Laporta moved to Barcelona last month after Josep Maria Bartomeu’s turbulent time led fans to fear leaving superstar Lionel Messi on the team.

Atlético Madrid uses a more traditional model; businessman Miguel Ángel Gil Marín has a majority stake in that team.

Inter Milan’s Chinese owners, Suning Holdings Group, led by Zhang Jindong, took over after the Italian Moratti family in 2016. Their local rivals, AC Milan, have U.S. owners; Investment firm Elliott Management Corporation, run