“War:” The proposed Super League is widely condemned by the European media

“War:” The proposed Super League is widely condemned by the European media

Newspapers across Europe have condemned the proposed Super League and “waged war” against those who support the movement.

Premier League teams Manchester United, Manchester City, Chelsea, Tottenham, Arsenal and Liverpool have been named “shameless six” by British newspapers, and Metro calls it a “civil war”.

Mirror called the new league a “crime against the fans,” while The Telegraph suggested that teams supporting the outbreak be excluded from home teams.

In France, L’Equipe called it a “war for the rich” and criticized club owners for their greed, while the Spanish newspaper AS called the news a “bomb grenade.”

Italian newspapers were low-key and focused on the “birth” of the super league, and the Corriere dello Sport called it the “football revolution.”

Spanish club Real Betis is rapidly updating the La Liga table

La Liga club Real Betis is not wasting time updating its ranking on the front page of its website … to exclude Real Madrid, Barcelona and Atletico Madrid.

These three clubs are among the 12 founders of the new Super League, and UEFA, FIFA and La Liga have announced that they can no longer compete in their own country. Looks like we have a new ongoing La Liga winner.

Former Liverpool star predicts football ‘collapse’ Croatian national team player Dejan Lovren played for Liverpool, one of the 12 clubs behind the escapist European Super League. Lovren won the Champions League and Premier League with Liverpool before signing with Russian club Zenit St. Petersburg. Lovren said in his tweet: “Football is on the verge of collapse in the near future. No one thinks of the big picture, only the financial side. “I still believe we can resolve this unpleasant situation.”

Tottenham shot Jose Mourinho Matias Grez

Tottenham Hotspur has confirmed that Jose Mourinho has been “deprived of his duties” alongside the coaches.

“Jose and his coach have gone through some of the most challenging times at the club,” Spurs chairman Daniel Levy said in a statement.

  • Jose is a true professional who has shown tremendous flexibility during a pandemic. On a personal level I have enjoyed working with him and I’m sorry that things did not run as they both thought.
  • He is always welcome here, and we would like to thank him and the technical staff for their contribution.

Former United midfielder Ryan Mason is coaching the first team, the club said. Mourinho was appointed in November 2019 after Spurs fired Mauricio Pochettino, who is now the coach of Paris Saint-Germain.

Borussia Dortmund is opposed to Super League

Hans-Joachim Watzke, chairman of Borussia Dortmund, confirmed on Monday that the club is opposed to the creation of a European Super League.

Instead, he reiterated that the club took on a new Champions League format to be approved by UEFA on Monday.

“The members of the board of the European Club Association (ECA) met for a virtual meeting on Sunday night and confirmed that the decision of the board last Friday is still valid,” Watzke said in a statement.

  • This decision means that the clubs want to carry out the planned reform of the UEFA Champions League. The clear view of the members of the Court of Auditors rejected the plans to establish a Super League.

Watzke added: “The two German clubs represented on the ECA board, FC Bayern Munich and Borussia Dortmund, represented 100% overlaps in all discussions.”

The UEFA board will hold a virtual meeting on Monday to vote on plans for an expanded and reorganized Champions League competition.

The proposals would lead to an increase in the number of teams from 32 to 36 and a revision of the group competition to the league table instead of the current groups of four clubs.

Aston Villas CEO calls Super League “grotesque concept”

One of the defining features of football has always been the playoffs and promotions, which is why the reaction to the European Super League has been so negative.

  • These proposals will disappear with sports wins. It allows a small number of clubs to take part in this competition, which can and millions of people in football, which is all about the importance of sport and what sport means, says Christian Purslow, CEO of Aston Villas. Radio four.
  • The idea is that the uncertainty caused by sports