What does the future hold for stadiums in England?

What does the future hold for stadiums in England?

After Tottenham Hotspur opened their new stadium to the public, people have looked at different clubs in the Premier League and the Championship and wondered if any would follow suit. Many clubs around the world have looked into developing their home grounds and many have decided to build new ones and start from scratch.

Crystal Palace have recently announced plans to increase the capacity of their current home ground from 26,000 to 34,000. This news came after the council gave the club the green light to begin work. Selhurst Park is the home of Crystal Palace and is home to one of the best atmospheres in the country. The club believe they can get the work finished by the start of the 2020-21 season which will improve the atmosphere to no end.

Everton have played at Goodison Park since 1892, however, the club have released concept photos of a new stadium which they plan to move into in 2023. Goodison Park has a capacity of just over 39,500, but their new stadium will seat 52,000 fans in an extremely nice looking stadium. The work should take place in 2020 with a view to finishing within 3 years.

Fellow Merseyside club Liverpool FC recently won the UEFA Champions League and want a stadium to compete with the best in Europe. Anfield holds 54,000 fans, however, the club wishes to increase this to just over 60,000 to create one of the best atmospheres in world football. A spokesperson for the club recently said they will release more details in the coming few months. In 2016, the club finished work on increasing the capacity to 54,000, however, the club clearly have bigger plans for the stadium. Also, the Liverpool FC kits from the club’s heydays are selling for approximately 350 pounds.

Manchester United want to spend over £200m on increasing the capacity of Old Trafford. This will mean the capacity will be increased by over 10,000 and take the overall capacity of the stadium to over 80,000. Considering the club fill the stadium week in, week out, this makes sense to increase the capacity and increase the noise inside the stadium. The club have wanted to increase the capacity for over 10 years now, however, complications including housing and railway lines around the stadium have stalled the progress. The team will also have to play elsewhere whilst the work goes on in the stadium which has also been a problem.

Other big clubs around the world including Real Madrid, FC Barcelona and Atalanta have all expressed interest in expanding their current stadiums whereas clubs such as AC Milan, AS Roma and Valencia have all announced plans to build a new stadium with a view to increasing the capacity and announcing themselves on the big stage.